elephas ERP

  • Elephas Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution adopts open source software to make ERP system fully available to small and medium enterprises where cost reduction is the first priority.
  • Elephas ERP Solution is modular but still tightly integrated to enable your company to benefit from a large list of integration as well as reduction in manual process and printed papers.
  • Our expertise allows us to fulfill any organization’s business needs through customization of software.

    • INTEGRATION into departments & data
    • OPTIMIZE inventory
    • ACCURATE information
    • MINIMIZE downtime and production delays
    • CENTRALIZED database across company and subsidary companies
    • TRACK and monitor activies through workflow
    • DYNAMIC dashboards


  • Elephas ERP provides All-in-one management software that is beautiful and easy to use for different industries such as Manufacturing, Financial, Logistics and Wholesale and Trading.  


  • Business applications within Elephas ERP are tightly integrated and yet modular that allows you to cover all your company needs from CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Point of Sales, Project Management, Warehouse and Manufacturing.


Benefits of ElephasERP

  • Reduce Inventory (real-time inventory)
  • Decrease cost over-runs
  • Minimise downtime and production delays

  • Automate, standardize and speed up business process
  • Enhance user-experience
  • Real-time data consolidation with dynamic dashboards for effective decision making

Why Elephas ERP is best for your business

    • More small and medium businesses are implementing ERP solutions to tackle common problems faced such as disperated internal department workflows, lack of controls over information and operations and most importantly, the increasing cost of ownership of close-source ERP solutions.
    • Elephas ERP standardized functions and workflows allows us to extend the capabilies to your business in the fastest time.
    • Elephas ERP includes specialized business applications that cater to Process and Discrete Manufacturing, Data Consolidation Services, Logistics and distribution, and wholesale trading.

    • Elephas ERP—Powered by Linux only based Power Systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, offers superior performance and ROI for compute and data intensive ERP functions.
    • Leveraging on innovative IBM technology, Elephas ERP offers the flexibility your business needs to quickly integrate the innovative Power System into your IT infrastructure, avoilding vendor lock in.


Accounting Management
Managed Account functional areas such as GL, Cash Book, AR, AP, etc.
Asset Management
Deploying,operating,maintaining, upgrading & disposing Assets cost-effectively
Easily manage global business across multiple Companies or subsidiaries
Project Management
Manage a Project from conception through completion
Point of Sale (POS)
Manages the 'front end' of your retail business
Sales Management
Sales techniques and Management of daily sales operations
Logistics Management
Meet demands through effective planning, control and implementation of goods movement.
Shipping Management
Integrated Maritime ERP managed foreign , maintenance, technical ship etc.
Manufacturing Management
Planning of materials, Manufacturing schedules, compile cost data, BOM
Inventory and Warehouse Management
Management of tracking inventory levels and storage locations
Wholesale/Distribution Management
Overseeing the movement of goods from supplier or manufacturer to point of sale
Procurement Management
Vendors and goods evaluation, establish effective negotiation process
Customer Relations Management (CRM)
Analyze Customer interactions and data throughout their lifecycle
Payroll & Human Resource
Payroll, recruiting, training, and performance analysis
Quality and Inspection Management
Ensure product consistently meets defined Quality requirements
Product and Pricelist Management
Flexibility to offers clients customized pricing

Architecture Requirement

Hardware Requirements
IBM PowerLinux
Operating System
Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 6 and above
Database System

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